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Building Block for Healing - Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex - LAMC

Poly-MVA is a uniquely-formulated supplement containing a proprietary blend of the mineral palladium bonded to alpha-lipoic acid, Vitamins B1, B2 and B12, formyl-methionine, N-acetyl cysteine, plus trace amounts of molybdenum, rhodium, and ruthenium.

One way to think off Poly MVA is like filling your car with the highest quality of gas available. Even with the best wheels, engine, and transmission, your car will go nowhere if it doesn’t have any fuel! Poly-MVA is the highest quality fuel our body needs to function properly and the first supplement in a remarkable new category of supplements known as Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes (LAMC).

In scientific studies LAMC has demonstrated fascinating health promoting benefits. One of LAMC most interesting effects is its ability to assist in DNA repair in response to injurious agents such as gamma-radiation. Gamma-radiation damage often occurs during radiation treatment for cancer. Being able to get a supplement that mitigates this damage is extremely advantageous.

By providing the essential ingredients needed to fuel mitochondria (the power house of the cell) and produce ATP, LAMC has the ability to reverse cellular energy deficits, and thus improve energy stores in the entire body. This is excellent for anyone combatting fatigue related symptoms.

LAMC undoubtedly offers a lot of promise in terms of health benefits for people dealing with chronic illness. For people seeking solutions for fatigue, as well as anyone who wants to fortify their bodies and support optimal health, LAMC may be very beneficial.

LAMC may assist in boosting immune response by replenishing key nutrients and supporting cellular metabolism. The proprietary formulation of LAMC with other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provides considerable nutritional support, helping to enable optimum functioning of essential body systems.

When lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant with many biological functions, is connected to an electrically-charged mineral molecule and associated with B vitamins, the resulting complex has enhanced solubility in both water and fat. It can easily and safely travel throughout the body, even crossing the blood-brain barrier. Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier suggests that, as a nutritional supplement, LAMC may hold great promise in cases where other means of supplementing cell nutrition are ineffective.

Historically, LAMC gained its popularity as a cancer therapy by destroying cells with an altered cellular metabolism. By utilizing a process that exists in normal cells but is altered in abnormal cells, the body is able to target only what is abnormal. LAMC is a supportive mechanism which supplies the building blocks for healing.

In addition to its ability to increase ATP production, repair DNA, and supply building blocks for healing, LAMC may also help alleviate hyperglycemia, and thus can be helpful for diabetics and people who struggle with blood sugar control.

In addition to lowering blood sugar levels, LAMC simultaneously restores antioxidant levels. Antioxidant depletion is a phenomenon that occurs in conjunction with hyperglycemia due accumulation of free radicals, which makes a substance that can target both problems at once is certainly valuable .

LAMC increases levels of antioxidant enzymes in the body, especially in the liver, enzymes such as Glutathione, Catalase, and Superoxide Dismutase. An increase in these specific antioxidant enzymes can improve liver function which in turn, can help fortify our bodies against many bodily stresses.

We are sure that all of our livers could use a little TLC, and LAMC can help us out in that regard!

LAMC reduces brain damage after a stroke, works as a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier, lowers risk factors for heart disease, slows progression of memory loss, supports nerve and neurotransmitter function, and supports appetite.

Rejuvii offers intravenous(IV) Alpha Lipoic Acid -Poly MVA which could benefit you in your journey for healthier you.

Give us a call for a consultation about the benefits of IV LAMC therapy.

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