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Pure Energy


With busy schedules and the daily demands of life, it can be hard to feel energetic. Low energy is a frustrating condition with widespread effects on health, happiness, and productivity. When we aren’t feeling ‘up’ to our normal activity levels, our quality of life can be negatively impacted. 

Staying hydrated is essential for staying energized. Dehydration can make us feel sluggish due to the fact that the body needs water to function efficiently. Hydration allows our blood to deliver oxygen to our muscles, remove waste, distribute hormones, and lower the heart rate during exercise. 


This drip is great for any adult with normal heart, liver, and kidney function who needs a quick energy boost and pick-me-up when they’re feeling down, fatigued, or under stress. Best for people on the go, busy business people, and those simply needing a boost of energy. 


Our energy drip provides one liter of fluids and valuable energy-producing vitamins. B vitamins are essential for the body’s ability to convert energy from nutrients and also aid the body in the effective use of energy – so we’ve added a high dose of these valuable vitamins. 

Also included is magnesium that breaks down glucose into energy – common symptoms of a deficiency in magnesium include fatigue, anxiety, and irritability. Complemented with Taurine, Carnitine, Vitamin C, and Multi-Trace elements, this infusion quickly replenishes important nutrients to fuel your body’s energy production. 


All drips have a cumulative effect. For this reason, it’s best to repeat this drip once a week for 2 weeks and as needed. 


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