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Immunity Booster

Whether it’s from the stresses of everyday life, the impact of seasonal epidemics, or any other conditions, we’ll quickly start to feel the ill effects if our immune system is under attack. For this reason, we offer the invaluable Immunity Boost Drip.


It is a comprehensive infusion of some of the key cellular ingredients needed for optimal energy and a healthy immune system. It strengthens the immune system, cellular defense, and improves mental clarity. This infusion can also relieve the silent inflammatory processes that are an underlying cause of progressive aging and frequent infections.


This drip is designed for any adult with a normal heart, liver, and kidney function, and who wants to keep common illnesses at bay, without having to take a blood test. This drip is especially beneficial for busy individuals and frequent travelers.


Oxidative stress caused by a build-up of free radicals can seriously overwhelm our immune system which is why we’ve included powerful antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and cysteine, which wage war on free radicals. B vitamins are also very important in converting food to energy. They are involved in immune system function and hemoglobin production. Zinc promotes wound healing, regulates immune function, and serves as a co-factor for numerous antioxidant enzymes. Selenium and magnesium are also included due to their involvement in DNA replication, immune function, hormone synthesis, and energy production. B12 vitamins help create energy by acting as a co-factor in the metabolism of food to help alleviate fatigue.


For best results, this drip can be repeated as often as once in 7-10 days for 3-4 weeks.Individuals who would like to continue receiving drips for a longer period of time are required to have blood work done to check their kidney, liver, and heart function. There are no specific limitations after the drip infusion.

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