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Weight Loss


The metabolism is a complex chain of chemical reactions that converts food into energy that our body can use to maintain normal function as well as recover from illness. Over time, our metabolism naturally slows down, which in turn can lead to easier weight gain even if we’re crushing it at the gym. 

This drip is tailored to accelerate metabolism and assist with weight loss. 


This drip is a great addition to a healthy diet and exercise of any adult and will give an extra boost of fat burn. 


Our weight loss drip comes with a specially-formulated blend of vitamins such as B12, B complex, other B vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and MIC lipotropics designed to help burn fat and lose weight. Taurine is also added as it's been shown in studies to lower obesity and improve blood glucose control. This highly concentrated dose of amino acids, electrolytes and multi-vitamins provides the extra help we need to reach our weight loss goals. Not only does it hydrate and restore the body’s natural balance, but it optimizes our nutrient levels to help us burn more fat, increase metabolism and build lean muscle. 


For best results, this drip should be repeated once a week for at least 4-6 weeks. 


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