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Detox Drip

Unleash Your Inner Glow

The Detox Drip can help you achieve a vibrant and healthy you! This powerful IV infusion provides essential nutrients to support your body's natural detoxification process, promoting a renewed sense of well-being.


Reclaim Your Vitality

our body may be burdened by toxins, impacting your energy, mood, and overall health. The Detox Drip offers a powerful solution to help you feel your best.

Benefits of This Drip

Enhances Detoxification

High-dose Vitamin C, B vitamins, and amino acids like glycine and taurine work together to support your liver in eliminating toxins that can contribute to fatigue, low energy, and sluggishness.

Enhances Energy & Focus

Replenishes essential vitamins and minerals to combat fatigue and promote mental clarity.

Boosts Immunity

Essential nutrients like Zinc and Selenium strengthen your body's natural defenses against environmental pollutants and stress.

The Details

Who is this drip for?

The Detox Drip is suitable for any adult with a normal heart, liver, and kidney function, who needs relief from low energy, exposure to pollutants, poor diet, and wants to detox their liver.

What's in this drip?

This drip is infused with high dose vitamin C, B vitamins, electrolytes, zinc, and selenium, which plays a protective role in the body due to its antioxidant qualities. It also improves the quality of blood flow, therefore enhancing the body’s resistance against diseases and stress. It contains several amino acids, including glycine and taurine, that are essential for the detoxification process - in the liver they combine with and neutralize toxins.

How often should you get this drip?

For best results, this drip should be repeated once a week for 3-4 weeks and as needed.

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