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Gut Health IV Drip

Restore Your Gut Function & Health

Do you suffer from bloating, digestive issues, or unexplained fatigue? Your gut health could be the missing piece! The Healthy Gut Drip is a powerful IV infusion designed to support gut healing and promote overall well-being.


Heal Your Gut, Feel Your Best

The Healthy Gut Drip delivers a targeted blend of nutrients to help you reduce gut inflammation and discomfort, improve digestion and nutrient absorption, and strengthen your immune system.

Benefits of This Drip

Reduces Inflammation

Reduce gut discomfort and inflammation associated with leaky gut and other digestive issues.

Strengthens The Gut Barrier

Zinc and L-glutamine work synergistically to heal the gut lining, improving nutrient absorption and reducing inflammation.

Supports Healthy Digestion

Essential nutrients like L-Arginine and antioxidants promote healthy gut function and protect against damage from inflammation.

The Details

Who is this drip for?

Any adult with "Leaky Gut" or any inflammatory GI conditions will benefit from this drip.

What's in this drip?

Our Healthy Gut drip is designed to reduce inflammation and strengthen the intestinal lining of the GI tract. Zinc and L-glutamine both reduce intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) closing the tight-junctions between intestinal cells and thus protecting us from over-activating our immune systems and setting off inflammation. L-Arginine is included in this IV because it raises the levels of IGF-1 (the active form of Growth Hormone) a critical component in maintaining GI integrity. The other ingredients are antioxidants such as vitamin C and glutathione which are important protectors of the mucous layer and cells of the intestinal tract, shielding against the damage done from intestinal inflammation.

How often should you get this drip?

For best results, a Healthy Gut drip should be repeated once a week for at least 3-4 weeks or as needed.

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