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Immunity Boost

Supercharge Your Defenses

The Immunity Boost Shot delivers a powerful blend of immune-supporting ingredients to keep you feeling well and thriving.


Empower Your Inner Defender

The Immunity Boost Shot is an Intramuscular (IM) Injection that combines essential vitamins, minerals, and other immune-supporting ingredients in a convenient, single-dose format.

Benefits of This Injection

Strengthened Immune System

Provide your body with key nutrients to help it fight off illness and recover faster.

Reduced Cold & Flu Duration

Potentially shorten the duration and severity of common colds and flu symptoms.

Improved Energy Levels

Combat fatigue and experience a natural boost to help you power through your day.

The Details

Who is this shot for?

This shot is great for any adult who is feeling run down, may be feeling the onset of a cold, or wants to be protected from a cold before a trip or vacation.

What's in this shot?

This exclusive immunity boost blend contains Vitamin C, B complex, and Lysine, which work simultaneously to strengthen the immune system and provide more energy.

How often should you get this shot?

This shot can be administered every 7 days and as needed. It is also great for maintenance purposes between immunity drips.

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