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High Dose Vitamin C

Looking for an all-natural way to reduce pain, fight off infection, and feel great? A high Dose of Vitamin C may be just what you need. Standard dose is 25g. Please call for pricing for 50g.

$185 (25g)

High Dose Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory, can boost our immune system, increase energy production, and may assist with cancer. 

Please check with your doctor to make sure it doesn't have a negative impact on your current treatment plan or interact with your specific chemotherapy. 

High dose vitamin C can also be helpful for individuals suffering from shingles, Epstein Barr virus, and Lyme disease. 


While there are hundreds of clinical studies regarding Vitamin C and its use in myriad diseases, we do not make any claims about the efficacy of High Dose Vitamin C. We encourage you to do your own research, consult your oncologist and a personal physician. 


Typically our drips contain 25-50 g of Vitamin C, but the dose will be determined during an initial consultation. 

Prerequisites for High Dose Vitamin C drip are a blood test called G6PD and an oxalate level - both can be performed in your physician's office. 


This drip can be administered once in 7-10 days or more frequently if suggested by your physician.

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