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Great Halloween Bites!

Getting ready for Halloween? Check out these healthy "bites" that are better for you and your bite-sized ones!


The scariest part of Halloween isn’t the decorations, ghoulish masks, or Halloween parties—it’s the sweet treats!

For many, Halloween kicks off the start of the holiday season, which often times means lots of food including, sweets!!! It’s hard to escape sugar during the months of October, November, and even December.

Some sugar is hard to avoid and then some - well, we don't want to avoid. But there is one area that needs a quick makeover, and that's the traditional Halloween candy bowl.

We all know what that bowl looks like, the one with the over-sized Hershey bars, M&Ms and Snickers bars, just to name a few.

Fun Haunted House

Your child’s trick-or-treat bag may contain roughly 4,800 calories, 3 cups of sugar, and 1.5 cups of fat, according to statistics released from Loyola Medicine.

As parents, we worry about our children learning healthy eating habits, and limiting their sugar intakes, artificial dyes & preservatives. We can ease the worries, while still maintaining the holiday fun with some healthier Halloween alternatives.

Of course, we can't blame Halloween for epidemics like obesity or diabetes - in children or adults. Considering that Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday eating season, making a few healthy adjustments will increase your energy for shopping days and won’t increase your belt size.

Here are some healthier Halloween candy alternatives:

Fruit snacks - Organic fruit snacks will satisfy children's sweet tooth without giving them the sugar rush. They are made with real fruit extracts and without artificial dyes.

Organic Trail Mix - Children will love small pieces of dark chocolate that provide a candy kick without overdoing it. Raisins, dried fruit, nuts and seeds in the mix will balance out the sweet pieces.

Organic Dry Fruits - Purchase small individual packages of dried fruits that do not contain added sugar or preservatives. Raisins, banana chips and dried apricots, mangoes, apples and cranberries are all savory alternatives to traditional Halloween candy.

Water & Organic Juice Boxes - are consumable Halloween treats that are practical. After walking around the neighborhood, kids may be thirsty and it makes a great treat.

Organic Nutiva snacks- are about the same size as a piece of candy, slightly sweet and much healthier.

Organic Raisins - These may be just as tempting as candy corn, but actually contain some good stuff. Raisins are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Organic caramel apples - are fun for kids, while upping their daily intake of vitamin-packed fruit.

Have a happy, healthy and safe Halloween!!!

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